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Michael Norviel

 Hello, and welcome to my site. My palette is  rich in  Matisse-inspired colors-vibrant blues,  greens,  crimsons and oranges, purples  and  yellow-a  fresh and exciting  contemporary  approach to  the  landscapes, figures  and still  lifes I paint.  All my paintings have a trace  of  raw  canvas  exposed at an edge out of  respect  for the  Navajo weavers tradition  of  incorporating a 'spirit  thread' that  allows the  spirit of the  weaving to come and go...to be  one with the  world. I could do no less  for my paintings.


Humphrey The Wonder Dog and I hope you will visit  this lovely state and experience the  crystal blue skies  and startling colors that make up its beauty, and then you'll know why New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment.


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